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Services for Patients

At Neurotherapy Center of Dallas we provide the following for Patients:


NEUROLOGICAL CONSULTATION AND MANAGEMENT - Dr. Walker is board-certified in neurology, EEG, and QEEG. We recommend an initial visit with him for an evalutation and a neurological examination, so that he can determine what testing needs to be done and what treatment course would be most appropriate.

EEG (Electroencephalogram) - Nineteen electrodes are placed on the scalp to record the electrical activity of the brain. This is useful for diagnosing epilepsy and many other conditions. The test takes about one hour and is painless.

QUANTITATIVE EEG (QEEG, or brainmapping) - A computer analysis of the EEG is used to compare the amount of different frequencies (alpha, beta, theta) and the relationships of these rhythms between areas (coherence) in the brain. The patient’s data is then compared to databases of normal individuals of the same age to determine the nature and severity of abnormalities. Dr. Walker uses this information to determine protocols to be used by the neurofeedback therapist in training to normalize the EEG abnormalities and improve brain function.

NEUROTHERAPY (also known as NEUROFEEDBACK, or EEG BIOFEEDBACK or EEG neurofeedback) - The brain is a learning machine. If desirable EEG activity is rewarded and undesirable EEG activity is inhibited, the brain will figure out a way to make more of the desirable activity and less of the undesirable activity. As a person gets better at making the desired activity, the therapist makes the task more difficult. Eventually, the person gets so good at making the desired activity, that the feedback is no longer needed. The brain can then generate proper activity when it is needed. This is a form of learning known as operant conditioning. During neurofeedback training sessions, the patient plays a video game, using brain waves rather than a joystick to play the game. Most kids thoroughly enjoy the sessions. It is like playing Pac Man with the brain!


Services for Practitioners

In addition to diagnotising and treating patients, Dr. Walker interprets tests for the other practitioners.


MAPPING SERVICES FOR PROFESSIONALS (Advantages Of Having The Raw EEG Read by an Electroencephalographer) Typically, electroencephalographers use raw EEG to diagnose and localize epilepsy. Most neurotherapists are less interested in diagnosing with the EEG and instead, use the quantitative analysis of the EEG to guide treatment. However, there are times when the raw EEG can provide very useful information for treatment. Many abnormalities that appear in the raw EEG can be addressed and normalized with neurofeedback. Based on his many years of experience and knowledge of the literature, Dr. Walker can make training suggestions based on abnormalities seen in the EEG. Dr. Walker can also make suggestions for medication based on the EEG and QEEG. For example, patients referred with an ADHD diagnosis may be found to have epileptiform activity. Often such persons with ADHD have not responded well to stimulant medications, but will respond to epilepsy medication. We have also seen patients with dyslexia diagnoses who have epileptiform activity in brain areas associated with reading. These persons have also responded to anti-epilepsy medication.


Other Services Include:




    • NXLINK  (eyes closed)
    • NEUROREP (Hudspeth)
    • NEUROGUIDE (Thatcher)
        • (Eyes closed)
        • (Eyes open)
        • LORETA (Eyes closed)
        • Reports - (including protocol recommendations)

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