Forever grateful

We will be forever grateful for Neurotherapy & Dr. Walker for the changes it has made in our son's life.

Logan was 15 (2005) when he started having seizures.  His seizures were only in his sleep, but were grand mal and would take him off his feet for 1-2 days with each one.  He was put on Med's. 1000 mg a day.  If he didn't get enough sleep he would still have a seizure even though he was medicated.  His first Brain Mapping was the Fall of (2008).  By Spring Break of (2009) after 40 treatments he was down to 450 mg a day of his meds.  His second Mapping was done the fall of (2009). After 20 more treatments as of Feb. 5th (2010) Logan is now seizure free meds free.  We are so excited that he will not have to take these harsh medicines again with the many side effects that plagued him.

We actually have even more to be thankful for than no more seizures or meds.  Logan has come from a 2.5 GPA in High School to 4.0 GPA in College.  He has more confidence, is able to better concentrate, retain material that he study's and has overall become a totally different young man.

L. M.