Considerable brain damage

Dennis Davidson M.S. B.C.I.A.

To Whom It May Concern:

In August 1993 I fell approximately 13 feet and landed on the back of my head and right shoulder. It took until September 1993 to get in to see a Neurologist. The doctor treated me with various medications that did not help, but caused severe side effects. He also ran an EEG, treadmill and I was also hospitalized for video monitoring. For three and a half years I was treated by him and I was continuously getting worse. I was either in bed for weeks at a time with severe headaches or I was blacking out. I had to make many, many trips to the hospital emergency room for stitches. Before the fall in 1993 I had no scars. Now I have scars all over my body. Because of one of my blackouts I broke my eye socket bone. I became housebound and the doctor could not find out what was wrong with me. He finally said there was nothing he could do for me. I became deeply depressed and even thought of suicide. My temper became outrageous. I had no control of my emotions and would go into a rage for no reason at all. The last time I blacked out, I gashed open my forehead when I hit a toolbox. My wife came home from work and found me on the couch. The pillow and couch were ruined because it was soaked with blood. I still don't remember her coming home or taking me to the hospital. The ER Doctor said I almost bled to death. This is when my wife decided to move to where my Mother and family members lived so they could help.

After moving I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Walker, Neurologist, on January 27, 1997. On this first visit Dr. Walker did a Brain Mapping, which my former doctor had not done. In this one visit (from the Brain Mapping) Dr. Walker found considerable brain damage cause from all my blackouts. He also stated that my blackouts and severe headaches were caused by seizures. Dr. Walker put me on Anti-Seizure medicine and recommended taking Bio-Feedback. With the medicine controlling the seizures the Bio-Feedback became a life saver. I tool calculus and trigonometry in school and made A's, but when I started the Bio-Feedback I couldn't even add two plus two. I also could not remember things. I could not control my emotions and I could not control my temper.

Since going to Bio-Feedback there has been a tremendous change. I can now do math in my head again, I can remember a lot more now, I don't have the mood swings as bad as before, I can control my temper more, I'm no longer housebound, I now have hope of getting better, which I didn't before. I now have a life again!.