Bio-Feedback helped my husband

I am writing to say how much Bio-Feedback helped my husband. He took Bio-Feedback for five days a week for three months. He had a stroke in May 1997. After the stroke he was unable to stay with a project for more than ten minutes and 1) often failed to finish things he had started; 2) [became] easily distracted; 3) had difficulty concentrating on tasks requiring sustained attention; 4) had difficulty sticking to activity. After finishing Bio-Feedback my husband is able to stay with a project for long periods of time. He is also able to work on his computer. He enjoys making greeting cards with the computer. Our [entire] family thinks Bio-Feedback has helped after his stroke.

It would be wonderful for a child or adolescent with Attention Deficit Disorder.

I cannot brag enough on how wonderful I think the Neurotherapy Center has helped my husband.