Those who are considering Bio-Feedback


Prior to my biofeedback (BF) training, I experienced the following problems:

    1. Sleeping disorder (severe oversleeping)
    2. Chronic depression (took St. John's Wort 3 times per day for the past year)
    3. Overeating
    4. Impulse behavior
    5. Short-term memory problems
    6. Inability to focus for long periods of time
    7. Chronic fatigue
    8. Poor reading speed and comprehension
    9. Extreme fatigue after meals
    10. Fear of public speaking

During my BF training, it was not uncommon to experience certain side effects,however, these were [only] temporary. As you will soon read, the positive outcomes of my training, far outweighed these side effects.

    1. Mental fatigue
    2. Slight confusion
    3. Pulsating
    4. Tension in legs
    5. Irritable
    6. Headaches

During my BF training and [especially] after the training, the following changes occurred:

    1. No depression (completely stopped taking St. John's Wort after just two weeks.)
    2. Sleep returned to normal (went from 10 to 12 hours of sleep to 7 to 9 hours)
    3. Increased mental focus
    4. Increased energy
    5. Increased reading speed and comprehension
    6. Decreased impulsiveness and impatience
    7. I.Q. increased 18 points (test was taking prior to training and re-tested afterwards)
    8. Less fatigue after meals
    9. Confidence when speaking in social settings - more articulate
    10. Consistently maintaining early morning exercise program (never been able to do this)
    11. Consistently maintaining healthy diet (eating habits have improved)


In my opinion, BF training allows an individual to break unfavorable patterns of behavior and to create more favorable ones. Unlike the various medications used to treat depression, ADD, and ADHD BF offers therapy that treats the underlining cause instead of merely treating the symptoms.

BF is analogous to weight training. In weight training, as your muscles grow stronger, you increase your weights, therefore, making the muscle even stronger. Same thing with BF. In BF, as you work specific sites in your brain, you are making the area stronger. This occurs when your BF technician challenges you by increasing your goals, therefore, making your brain work harder to achieve the same result. The brain, similar to a muscle, becomes stronger and eventually learns to inhibit or exhibit whatever brain wave and/or frequency you are working on.

With BF you are in effect altering your brain waves, which seems to explain why many people experience side effects. However, please do not let the various side effects which you may or may not experience discourage you from this invaluable training. Again, think of the weight training analogy. As in weight training, when you first start working out, you experience soreness, however, this side effect quickly goes away as your muscles get accustomed to the training. Same as with BF.

I would also recommend that a daily journal be kept, so progress can be tracked. In addition, please keep your doctor informed of any and all side effects you may encounter. Particularly, any headaches.

Also, there is a computer program called THINKFAST, which is excellent brain exercise. I used this in conjunction with the BF training. This is also a good way to track your progress. This program builds your reaction speed to stimuli, improves your working memory, and promotes an overall increase in cognitive functioning.

Finally, I think it's very important to note, that the BF training is a slow process. Changes will occur slowly and are subtle. For myself, it was not until weeks after the training was complete that many of the positive changes became evident. So my advice to you, is to work hard, stay focused and committed to the training and you should experience many favorable changes in your life.

Dallas, Texas