Letter to the principal

Letter to the principal of N., age 6, a student at a school that has a neurofeedback program in conjunction with our clinic:


We sincerely want to thank you for all you have done for our family. When N began school two years ago we crossed our fingers and prayed this was a good answer for our middle son. N has his share of developmental and communication issues after a run-in with viral encephalitis and grand mal seizures. N was two when he got very sick and spent the better part of a month in and out of three hospitals in the area. When we brought him back home we didn’t really know what issues would follow us over the next five years.

N had lost many of his language and gross motor skills. He was on an adult dose of anti-seizure medication to stop his seizures. He did not address us as mom and dad any longer. He just looked at us intently and after much pushing on our parts he called us both mommy/daddy. We immediately began a long intensive therapy approach to N’s issues. He received occupational speech and physical therapy for more than 20 hours a week for almost two years. He made slow and steady progress in that time, but he was not catching up with his peers the way we felt he should. We started to explore alternative approaches to helping our son. He went on a very restrictive diet that eliminated gluten and casein from his meals. That we soon learned was in all of children’s favorite foods.

We took N to a homeopath and stopped all vaccinations because we were not certain of the origin of the encephalitis. We went to an occupational therapist who specialized in sensory integration and cranio-sacral therapy. We also saw a chiropractor that specialized in sensory and learning issues. We drove N three hours a day for the better part of a month to a listening therapist to work on processing issues. Some of the things that we have tried over the past five years helped our son somewhat. He made slow and steady progress, but still wasn’t closing the gap with his peers he had suffered after his illness.

I read about biofeedback a few times, but had hesitated because of the expense and time commitment. We had tried so many things, and I was beginning to feel that I was making my son a human pincushion. After listening to Dr. Walker speak at the school, I felt he was truly doing this because he wanted to help the children and the program made much sense.

N completed 35 sessions at the beginning of January and without a doubt we believe that this program has moved our son forward more than anything else we have tried in the past. N’s speech is becoming clearer, but the most significant change has been in the area of comprehension. N asks so many more appropriate questions now, he sleeps better, and his sense of humor is emerging. His teachers have seen a positive result as well in his reading comprehension. We can’t say definitely that our son does this or that better, but over all, we have seen him mature in a magnificent way.

P, we cannot thank you enough for sharing your experience with us and bringing this program to our family. It has shown us the true potential of our son.

Our sincere thank you,