Testimony of healing

C (Patient)

C is 6 years and 9 months old at this time and she has made such tremendous progress. From originally discovering her Sensory Integration at 2 1/2 years of age, RAD at 5 years of age, major and numerous food allergies at 5 1/2 years of age, ADD at 6 years along with tutoring for speech, biofeedback for ADD, auditory processing, negativity, depression, memory, and counseling for many issues, she has truly come such a long way in these 6 years.

This summer, we have totally focused on her ADD issues and food allergies. Between six doctor appointments each week, we are on track to finish on July 31, right before 1st grade.

Here is what I see overcome thus far:
    • Sensory Integration--80% healed (I believe is at maximum level)
    • RAD--99% healed
    • Empathy for others--100%
    • ADD--80%
    • Speech, expressiveness--95%
    • Negativity--100%
    • Depression--100%
    • Memory--90%
    • Auditory Processing--85%
    • Visual Integration--90%
    • Behavior, cooperation--100%
    • Hyperactive--85%
    • Fine Motor--Normal
    • Writing--Normal
    • Reading--Normal
    • Ability to solve problems--80% - Normal

The above are blessings that bring complete joy and peace to our hearts. The only other aspect we are working on is: Anxiety--fear of being along and independent, and Residual Anger.

I truly believe the intervention of Biofeedback, Acupressure, Food Allergy Treatments and herbs have helped C turn around from her neurological issues, emotional disposition, skin allergies, and ability to mainstream into school with her peers without anymore disadvantages or special needs. She has very good social skills which have helped bridge her over into the mainstream as well. Her ability to be at this level of healing is enabling her to no longer struggle beyond what is normal for her age. I am so very grateful for the resources God has put into our path with the right doctors and Erwin being able to provide so many services. C is a very bright, happy child who can now eat foods she could have for over 1 1/2 years! She can play the piano and even transpose music onto the violin by ear, read 1st grade reading levels, win Science Fair and Music Awards, do double cartwheels and perform ballet on stage with total confidence. We will only continue to pray for her anxiety with underlying adoption issues which I believe we can focus on next.

Thank you Lord for carrying us through as we discover the precious little pearl inside that you have so wonderfully created. We are so proud of her gifts, talents, wonderful sense of humor, resiliency and ability to withstand so many odds, overcoming them and shining as the special being that she is. C has truly blossomed before our eyes. We are so blessed to be a part of her life.